Direct Conveyors

Asdec is OR We are pleased to announce our appointment as the exclusive representative for the complete line of Direct Conveyors products for NJ,MD,DE,& PA.

Direct Conveyors designs and builds high-quality conveying systems for the toughest material handling applications.

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Material Transfer Automation Components - Modular Automation

  • Parallel Grippers
  • Angular Grippers
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Slides and Thrusters
  • Machine Load/Unload Modules
  • Electric Gippers
  • Feed Escapements
  • Alignment Wrists and Overload Protection

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Screw Feeding and Driving Solutions

  • Hand Held Systems
  • Multi-Spindle Units
  • Servo Driven Spindles
  • Feeding
  • Portable Screw Feeders
  • 4-Axis Robot System
  • Automatic Screw

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American Feeding

Vibratory Orienting and Feeding Systems

  • Linear Feed Systems
  • Auxiliary Supply Hoppers
  • Escarpment Mechanisms
  • In Line Conveyors

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